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Comprehensive Inpatient & Intensive Outpatient Programs for Substance Abuse in Louisiana

Alcohol Drug Rehab LA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana provides comprehensive Alcohol and drug treatment programs that provide the tools to help addicts break their addictions and maintain long-term recovery.

During an intensive inpatient or outpatient program, patients will receive the information and resources that is needed to rebuild their life after one of the most devastating and life-threatening conditions a person can have. Rehab does this by creating a customized treatment plan designed specifically for that individual.

Customized Care Designed Around the Patient

  • To be effective, drug and Alcohol rehab must focus on the individual patient’s needs. Every program focuses on the medical and psychological aspects of this disease. It is our goal to provide opportunities to break the psychological and physical dependency that cripple’s lives; no two rehab programs are the same.
  • A few of our programs focus on short treatment and outpatient care. Others are long-term inpatient programs that are designed for the most intensive treatment needs.
  • Many are 12-step programs designed to provide a progressive level of care. Many other options are available, such as faith based programs. No matter what they choose, there is a program around that will help them.

What Makes Drug Addiction So Hard to Quit?

Those struggling with drug addiction face a significant challenge ahead of them. Many people who do not use drugs or alcohol cannot see the problem. It seems like it should be simple: just stop using the drug of choice. The issue is that these substances create both a physical and psychological addiction.

  • The body craves the use of the drug. This is uncontrollable. And, when the drug is not available, the body’s withdrawal from it is very painful. This makes people desperate to find more.
  • The drug creates a mental craving as well. The individual feels that he or she needs to have it. This is emotionally exhausting, but even more importantly, it is nearly impossible to stop thinking about.

Because of this link to both the psychological and physical addiction, it is very hard for individuals to simply stop. To break free, individuals need help.

A good way to view drug addiction is as a medical illness. As a medical illness, it is easier to see the individual’s need to turn to professional help. Someone suffering from cancer or heart disease needs to turn to a professional to help them to fix the underlying cause of their ailment. It is only then that they can break free and begin to heal. The same is true with drug addiction.

It is nearly impossible for individuals to stop the addiction on their own. No matter how strong they are. They need help. Drug rehab in our Baton Rouge, Louisiana treatment center provides an avenue for treatment.

Medical Detox & Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse

Alcohol rehab is the last thing most people think about when they enter a bar or enjoy a few glasses of wine when they meet with friends. However, it is incredibly easy to cross the line from social drinking towards addiction, and when that happens, rehab becomes the most important step to take. Addiction occurs when an individual’s need to drink outweighs other, more important factors in their life. If you would do anything to get a drink, even put yourself or others in harm’s way, there is an addiction present. Alcohol addiction is very physically demanding, and it creates a psychological dependency that is like no other.

Alcohol is often combined with other drugs, creating even a higher risk for abuse and life-threatening risks. Intoxication impairs the brain’s ability to work properly; it inhibits motor skills. It can also increase the risk of strokes, cancer, kidney disease, and liver disease. Most importantly, it destroys relationships. It is because of these factors that alcohol impacts the quality of life of many people, often leading to damage to a person’s health, well-being, emotional status, and relationships. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse, it is essential to seek out care from a licensed, professional alcohol rehab center.

Alcohol can be called everything from moonshine to “hard stuff” and even hooch. No matter what it is called though, this dangerous and addictive substance will inhibit your ability to function at your highest leaving you unable to control your actions.

Alcohol is a drug that allows people to relax. It has several serious side effects including:

  • Impairment of motor functions
  • Slurring speech
  • Unsteady walking,
  • Falling
  • Fainting
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Difficulty at school or work

Addiction to alcohol is complex, because too many people believe that the solution is just to stop drinking. It is rarely that simple, however. When a person is addicted to Alcohol, they are unable to just stop, as the physical body demands the substance to function normally or else creates intense pain. The psychological component of alcoholism is very real as well. It is not uncommon for those who suffer from alcoholism to suffer one or more types of mental health complications.

Detox is a process that individuals go through to rid their bodies of the harmful toxins that the substance has put into the body. As noted, the detox process is often very painful. The body struggles physically when the chemical it is used to is not present. If an individual suffers withdrawal symptoms when he or she stops using a drug, it is important for that individual to be in a medical detoxification program. In fact, for those suffering from an Alcohol addiction, detox is necessary, as alcohol withdrawal is incredibly dangerous. Medical detox treatment centers can provide incredible help to safely allow the body to detox from the drug.In a medical detox, the individual has 24-hour access to medical care. During the detox process, it is possible for individuals to suffer from violent illness, such as struggling to breathe other serious side effects, like heart conditions. This is minimized when the individual is in a detox program. It is done safely to avoid these complications.

Individuals struggling with drug or substance abuse should choose the best facility to meet their individual needs. Your needs are unique, and while numerous drug rehab programs are available, not everyone will give you the same type of improvement you need. When looking for a location, consider a few of the most important features available.

An important part of the drug rehab program is educating the individual on what he or she is experiencing, why it is happening, and what the future holds. When choosing a treatment center, consider the avenues available for doing this. Education is an important and core component of the recovery process.

One of the key elements of education is to get you to see your illness as it is. An honest, realistic view of what you are suffering from isn’t easy, but it is necessary as it can help you to move beyond the limitations you are facing. Doing this in a private, one-on-one setting is often necessary. It provides an opportunity for individuals to move beyond their current limitations and to understand how drugs and alcohol impact their lives. Individual counseling is just one of the components of an effective treatment plan.

Education in an individual setting is coupled with the support that only a group therapy session can offer. Group counseling provides an opportunity to connect with others struggling with the same types of addiction, the same symptoms, and often the same desire to change. Group therapy is never a forced situation, but it is an opportunity to learn and grow on the path to recovery. Many people need this type of environment to progress along towards recovery.

It is a personal decision to seek out drug and alcohol treatment. However, having family support is important. Most of the time, families do not understand what you are going through and experiencing. They also do not know what steps you need them to take to help you. In this environment, we can bring together people who can help. Your family therapy sessions also help you to learn what options you have once you leave the treatment center and begin working towards your future. We encourage you to seek out therapy for all involved in your family who may also be suffering along with you.

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment Programs

Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment programs are available as both an inpatient and outpatient service. Which one is right for you?

  • Inpatient Treatment care is more intense. It often begins with a period of detox that is monitored 24 hours a day by a doctor. This ensures your safety through the process. Inpatient care also provides for a removal from the toxic environment that may be facilitating your addiction habits. Programs can be as short as a week or up to three to six months, depending on your needs.
  • Outpatient Treatment programs are effective as well, but they can be harder to manage for those struggling with a more intense addiction. Individuals spend 12 to 15 hours at the facility each week. They can maintain their current job and other life responsibilities during these programs.

When you come in to meet with the team at our drug addiction treatment center, we’ll discuss each type of program option available to you. We can talk about the benefits of any program including both inpatient and outpatient. Most importantly, you will learn the best opportunity to give you an improved quality of life and the best chance at recovery.

Extended Treatment for Substance Abuse

Drug and Alcohol addiction is not a disease that has a cure. It’s a little bit like diabetes: you have to continuously work on it. There will be bumps in the road to recovery. A key part of our service to you is to provide you with the tools you need to come back to get the care you need. When you begin to find yourself struggling, seek out additional help. Ongoing care programs for you and your family can help to make it possible for you to be more successful on your path to recovery.

Recovery Community That Supports Sobriety

Each person suffers from addiction in his or her own way. In every situation, our team provides you with a comprehensive level of care in a state of the art facility. There are several benefits to choosing a program that is dedicated to offering you the most modern level of care available like:

  • You’ll feel safe and secure. With a medical doctor available, you will have help to safely detox and begin recovery. We use experienced professionals with ample training.
  • Our facility is warm and welcoming. It’s important that you feel right at home when you are living with us. Your privacy is important to us as well.

It is also important to choose a location that gives you access to the latest treatment programs. Remember, drug addiction does not go away. There is no cure for it. It becomes a lifelong journey that you must work through each day. Our goal is to give you the tools and support to help you to do just that.

Get Help Today

It goes without saying that you should not wait to get the help you need. If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol abuse, seek out alcohol detox and Alcohol rehab. Our Baton Rouge, Louisiana facility is available to you today. Learn more about our alcohol treatment program and how it can help you to see a marked improvement in your quality of life.

Let’s take the first step towards recovery today. Sign up or learn more about our alcohol treatment program and find that first step on the road to recovery.

Our drug and Alcohol rehab and drug and Alcohol detox center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is available to you today. With our comprehensive drug addiction treatment programs, you will find the help you need to move towards recovery and reclaiming your life. Take a step towards that care today.

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