Understanding Addiction

What is addiction?

Why does it happen?

It is very common for families to feel torn apart by something they don’t understand and cannot control. Addiction occurs when a person displays compulsive behavior to seek out drugs or alcohol. Specifically, addiction can be defined when an individual seeks out drugs or alcohol no matter what the consequences are. A typical description of it on TV or online isn’t going to be the way everyone experiences it, but addiction is not always easy to see.

If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, or you are worried about this occurring, help is available. Work with our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program to work your way towards recovery. Our drug treatment program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can help you take the first steps towards long-term recovery.

No Part of Addiction is Easy to Understand

As a complex problem, addiction isn’t easy to understand even by experts. It is a blend of both the physical and the psychological impact that chemical substances have on the body. Often, the physical nature of addiction feeds of the psychological element or the other way around. This is what makes the process of treating addiction difficult.

It’s important to remember the addiction is not what you may see on TV. Some substances do not trigger withdrawal symptoms, while others do. Some require medical care during a detox process- others do not. Side effects can still occur from quitting, but the impact is very unique to individuals. The individual needs to learn how to overcome both the physical and the psychological aspects of withdrawal in order to move towards the road to recovery.

Recognize the Symptoms of Addiction

Alcoholism and drug abuse are very different. Many individuals suffer from taking multiple drugs, and this will impact the symptoms expressed. Some of the most common symptoms to recognize include:

  • Difficulty controlling the amount of a substance is used; it never seems like there is enough.
  • There is a demand or a constant need to turn to a substance. It ends up becoming more important than everyday responsibilities and tasks.
  • Addiction when a person has been taking the substance for a long time, beyond what a doctor initially prescribed.

Most importantly, loved ones need to recognize that, even though that first decision to use a substance occurs on a voluntary basis, a person who is suffering from addiction has an uncontrollable need to continue to use. This is the most misunderstood component of addiction. Simply, those individuals suffering from an addiction cannot just stop, even if they want to.

Addiction Changes a Person’s Brain

The longer a person uses alcohol or drugs, the more significant the changes to the brain are. The brain’s chemistry changes so much so that addicts will continue to use drugs no matter the consequence. In some situations, they fully understand they are in harm’s way or that they could be hurting someone with their actions. However, the change occurring within the brain is so significant that it is more powerful than the need to do the right thing.

Many individuals suffering from addiction believe they are strong enough to stop when they want to. Many feel they have a strong will to change, but they just can’t see to do it. That’s because addiction combines both the psychological and physical elements of a person making it nearly impossible to break free on their own.

Is Your Loved One Suffering from Alcohol and Drug Abuse?

It’s not easy to see this type of abuse occurring, looking at the destruction as someone destroys their life. Other people seem like they are managing life just fine. That’s the tricky part of drug and alcohol abuse; it can be hard to identify at times. Diagnosing substance abuse begins by noticing the changes in an individual’s life:

  • They lack control.
  • They have cravings for it.
  • They need more of the substance all of the time.
  • They lack responsibility; nothing is more important including school, work, or home life.
  • They suffer a loss of interest in the things they used to enjoy.
  • Life is worsening. The physical and psychological impact of addiction is affecting every facet of their lives.

Understanding addiction means being open to learning what an individual is experiencing and realizing they cannot control it. They need help and support. When you visit our drug addiction and alcoholism treatment centers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you will find that there are steps that can be taken to improve you or your loved one’s life. Take the time to call and learn more about substance abuse and the treatment options for it.



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